Knock Out Competition Rules

1. Each club in the IT Sports York & District Mixed Tennis League may enter one or more teams. It is not necessary for team representation to be based wholly on the players who have already or will play for nominated teams in the League. (eg: a club could enter two teams comprising a mixture of players from its first, second etc. teams playing in the League or any of its members.)

2. Once a player has played for one team in the competition they will not be permitted to play for any other team.

3. Each tie will comprise of 3 mens doubles, 3 ladies doubles and 3 mixed doubles as shown in the order of play above

4. Each rubber will consist of 12 games and the winners of the match will be the team with the highest number of games won (ie: 55 or more) as in the present league after applying the handicap as awarded by the handicapping committee. If at the end of the match and after application of the handicap there results in a tie, the away team shall be awarded the match.

5. When all the entries are received, a handicapping system will be worked out by the league official running the competition and any co-opted person as requested to formulate a handicap for each team entering.

6. The entering fee will be £1.00 per team.

7. With the exception of the final, the first team named in the draw will be the home team and be responsible for contacting their opponents, providing the courts and match balls.

8. When arranging matches the home team must offer three dates for the playing of the match, with at least two different nights of the week and dates in two different weeks.

9. The supervision of the tournament will be by that of the York and District Official running the competition and all the co-opted members of the handicapping committee.

10. After the completion of each round all the names of the winning teams will be redrawn until the final. For the final, neutral courts will be used.